Your direct bags manufacturer

Your direct bags manufacturer

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Mission Statement


A global customer driven company providing leadership in:

  • Research and Development
  • Manufacturing capabilities
  • Innovative & quality products


At AGVA, we are committed to achieving best practices at our total operations, striving to deliver quality products and services to all our customers globally through:

  • Learning, Innovation and Communication.
  • Meeting Social Accountability International standard.
  • Effective use of assets in Research and Development, Manufacturing, People and Processes.
  • Fair business practices.

AGVA Group is a leading global manufacturer of media and consumer electronics accessories including laptop bags, camera bags, ipad tablet cases and travel accessories.

Above and beyond its reputation in the market as a first choice one-stop solution provider to global retailers, OEM, ODM and corporate customers, our in-house brand, "AGVA" enjoys good support in countries such as Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam and the Philippines. Supported by a strong marketing and distribution network, AGVA currently supplies over one million products to its customers in more than 45 countries. With a strong understanding of consumer trends and preferences, AGVA is well-positioned to roll out new consumer electronics accessories that are well-received.


In-House Quality Testing Equipment

  • Rohs Testing Machine
  • Hot / Cold Oven Testing
  • Water-Resistance Testing
  • Zipper Strength Testing
  • Color Fading Testing
  • Strength / Jerk / Pull Testing
  • Salt Spray Testing
  • Weight Testing
  • Carton Strength Testing
  • Other testing requirements, including REACH, California Prop 65, Azo, Cadium, Color fastness, are typically outsourced to professional established laboratories

Strict Quality Control, Reliable Products

AGVA’s manufacturing operations adopts a Total Quality Management System and is compliant with BSCI standards. Strict quality control and procedures are instilled in every part of the supply chain, enabling us to meet strict factory audit requirements from our customers.

AGVA continuously strives to instill automation across the supply chain to increase productivity, reduce supply chain leadtime and reduce general labor overheads.

Design & Development

AGVA’s professional team of experts provides a one-stop product design, development and manufacturing service. It’s product development team is capable of producing a wide range of products and designs, from concept to retail packaging, according to the needs of each customer.

Every stage of AGVA’s production process is staffed with experienced professionals to ensure that customers’ needs are met optimally and efficiently. Led by a qualified management team, AGVA’s thorough understanding of its’ customers and the industry enables it to keep abreast of market trends and stay ahead of competition with other factories.
With a strong team of product engineers, AGVA is able to help customers break down their briefs to ensure:

- Design is maintained while meeting production techniques and costs
- Balance between design and function in ensuring both are met at an optimal level